is ‘Living Food’…a way of life where food experiences are at the centre of all things good.

The company, Kalk Bay Foods, is inspired and driven by an energetic team of talented foodies, spearheaded by Shelley Barnard. Our range of gifting and everyday items are under the brand. Chilli Addict

Naughty but oh-so-nice. Our range of Chilli Addict Sauces are as full of personality as they are flavour. Liven up your kitchen with a flash of heat, but beware of the burn! Heat intensities range from 3/10 Sweet Chilli for the inquisitive to 10/10 Habanero for the very brave.

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CrushGrinders.  Much can be said about this top-selling product range.  Made from the hardest ceramic and Danish engineering, these grinders boast a 25 year guarantee on the grinding mechanism.  The body is made from sustainable and stylish bamboo and acrylic.  A must-have for every kitchen and dining area.

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Exotic Spices: Taste the spice route with our collection of iconic spice mixes from all corners of the globe. Salts of Origin: Explore the unique flavours and textures of our salts of origin collection from all corners of the globe.

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