At Kleyn Begin only Prime-cut Meats are used to make our Biltong and droëwors products – Rump Steak, Silverside and Topside is carefully crafted into succulent Biltong Pieces of all sizes. Our spicing process is monitored and just the right quantity of spice is added to create a masterpiece.

Chilli-, Plain- and Chutney Beef Snap Sticks – what an invention – these are done the old fashioned way – by hand. We cut each strip and carefully spice it to perfection.

The droëwors (Ordinary, Smoked and Chilli) are made from the same meat as our biltong. After cutting the meat into blocks, the spices are added and put aside to draw all the good tastes into the meat. We mince the meat and carefully fill the casings to just the right thickness.

Our Drying Process is controlled by the right temperatures and airflow to allow meat to dry as naturally as possible. Careful precautions are taken to ensure that all working surfaces and machinery is hygienically clean at all times.