Towards the beginning of the last decade of the previous century, a traveller left London on a journey of discovery that took him and his companion through Africa: from Casablanca to Dakar, across the Sahara to Cairo and eventually Cape Town, via Zanzibar and Mombassa… a journey of a thousand (or two) meals – some decidedly more memorable than others.

Ukuva iAfrica’s story is a travellers’ tale told in flavours: some from the original “Recipes from a Rucksack”, some were added by later travellers, because such is the nature of the stories of Africa… there are many travellers and many journeys: many threads to weave into the tale.

Ukuva iAfrica was established in March 1996 when the traveller and his companion reached Cape Town.

Ukuva iAfrica, translated from isi-Xhosa means “The sense of Africa”: The full spectrum, awareness experience of Africa. It is beyond seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching – it is that part of Africa that resonates with our souls… that eventually becomes part of our DNA – so even when we leave Africa, Africa never leaves us.